Who Am I? How Am I Different?

My song “Uncommon”

I am a Christian, Family Man, Marine Combat Veteran, Overachiever, Innovator & Protector!

I am not afraid to take a stand for you and will always be honest with you (good or bad).

  • M.B.A (Masters in Business Administration)
  • Kaplan/College of Financial Planning – Certificate in Financial Planning

  • Crypto Tax Certificate

  • M.S.C.J. Masters in Criminal Justice

  • Certified Long Term Care (CLTC (R))
  • Merrill (Bank of America) High Net Worth Relationship Manager – earned numerous top achievement awards

  • Charles Schwab – Active Trader and Relationships – earned achievement awards

  • U.S. Marine Corps (Iraq Combat Veteran)

I am the Juggenix (Juggernaut + Phoenix) who has failed and encountered many life obstacles time and time again.

It is not always easy and their will absolutely be pain, tears, fear, hard work, and tough decisions. Just as I have done and continue to do for my loved ones, I will do for your loved ones as well. Never quit, persevere and be an unstoppable force! Re-emerge and arise time and time again no matter how tough it gets! It is not easy by any measure, but it can be done!

I grew up with two mostly low middle class hard-working parents, with a younger brother and sister. However, there were times for a few years when it got very tough and we had very little money. My parents had difficult choices, but persevered and re-emerged from nothing/having nothing back to mid middle class. They did not quit and embraced the Juggenix personality!

I joined the United States Marines directly after graduating from High School during the Iraq war. Within 12 months of joining I was deployed to fight the war in Iraq and protect those around me. As I saw many injured and killed, I was blessed to come home alive. An injury lead to me having surgery and not being able to re-enlist. This was extremely difficult to have a lifelong dream and plan of being a marine taken and gone. This lead to the Veterans Affairs (VA) putting me on a never-ending supply of pain killers like Oxy. I made a hard choice to have another risky surgery done to get off the pain killers, get out of a slump, and re-emerge! I still have numbness/pain but I accept it and do something about it.

I was newly married and my wife lost her job and I was not making enough money. The housing crisis/economic collapse happened. We were facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, and one month prior we sold the home as a short sale. We were broken, had nothing, but had choices. We worked very hard, made sacrifices, and save what we could. We persevered and re-emerged (Juggenix) and made it back from nothing to something!

To this day we are blessed, However, make no mistake that we fought for everything we have and continue to do so. I continue to persevere, keep growing, and fight every day to help others and provide for others.

So I ask you, what are you waiting for?

Is good enough really good enough?

There is no better time to act than now!

I look forward to speaking with you and welcoming you to the extended family. Embarking on a lifelong relationship towards success and your own wealth creations. Let’s make a plan together!